Australian Tartaric Products (ATP) is Australia’s largest manufacturer of Natural Tartaric Acid.

Natural Tartaric Acid

Tartaric Acid L(+) is a product from nature that occurs in grape vines and its natural aspect is the fruit acid that gives grapes their flavour. Tartaric Acid is used in many different applications due to its properties as an antioxidant, acidifier, flavour enhancer, stabilizer and sequestering agent.

ATP manufactures Tartaric Acid in two forms:
Granules - Comes in the form of fine crystals, in 15kg, 500kg and 1 tonne bags.
Liquid - Is available as a 50%w/v solution (that is 500 grams per litre) in bulk tankers.

It is the principle acid in wine helping control acidity levels. It is therefore a very important input into the winemaking process.

Natural Tartaric Acid is used in the following industries:

The wine industry:
Natural Tartaric Acid is the most important acidity regulator in wine and is vitally important to the Australian winemaking industry. Natural Tartaric Acid’s main use is in the wine industry as it is unique in that it is not found in most fruit, but it is the primary acid component in grapes. It is the principle acid in wine and controls the acidity levels of the wine and is a very important input into the winemaking process.

The food Industry:
Natural Tartaric Acid is an acidifier that enhances the flavor of ingredients used in the production of sweets, candies, fruit jellies, jams, fruit juices and ice-creams. It is used as an emulsifier and preservative in bread making and is also an essential ingredient as effervescence for table waters and as a leavening agent for desserts.

The pharmaceutical Industry:
Natural Tartaric Acid has a number of uses in the pharmaceutical industry including use as an excipient in the preparation of some medicines.

The building Industry:
Natural Tartaric Acid is also used in the gypsum and cement industries to retard drying and also in the ceramics industry as a fluidizer.

The cosmetic industry:
Natural Tartaric Acid is used extensively as a basic component in some natural body creams.

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