Australian Tartaric Products are industry leaders in sustainability


Here is a step-by-step guide to how the process works and how ATP manages a complete end-to-end solution that results in a vastly reduced carbon footprint.

1. Grape marc and residuals from the Australian Wine Industry:
Grape marc and residuals are collected and delivered to the ATP Mildura site from our winery partners as they are produced during their Vintage. This is a valuable service that ATP provides allowing the wine industry to ensure their wastes are efficiently and environmentally processed.

2. Extraction:
ATP extracts both Natural Tartaric Acid and Grape Spirit from the wine residuals using processes originating from the oldest traditional method improved for both quality and quantity by the use of modern equipment. ATP only uses wine industry residues for its products.

3. Purification:
After extraction, Grape Spirit and Tartaric Acid are both concentrated, purified and packaged for use. This process is all completed at our site in Colignan, Victoria.

4. By-products – Renewable energy:
Using the latest furnace technology, grape marc undergoes combustion to generate steam. Steam is used directly in the manufacturing process and also to generate electricity to power the site. Energy derived from this source negates the need to use fossil fuels normally required to power such a plant. 

5. By-products – Agricultural products:
Due to the nature of the process by-products are suitable for agricultural use. ATP supplies gypsum, marc and marc ash back to the agricultural sector. It is another aspect which allows ATP to ensure its operations have minimal impact on the environment.
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