The new biomass boiler installed in 2013 has seen ATP make huge gains across the board in terms of environmental impact as well as bottom line results.


ATP uses grape waste that would otherwise be used as landfill, as a key component in the process. The facility processes considerable volumes of grape marc, grape lees, centrifuge desludge by-products created from the wine making process and produces a completely natural product from it.

Australian Tartaric Products’ new facility expects to:
• Reduce the emissions intensity by 75%
• Reduce energy costs by 73%
• Decrease use of fossil fuels by 70%
• Generate over 60% of the company’s electricity needs on site

In 2013 ATP was the winner of the prestigious Lever Award for Innovative Processes for the company’s new Biomass Boiler that will slash energy costs, improve international competitiveness, reduce ATP’s carbon footprint significantly and allow the disposal of over 90,000 tonnes of grape waste from the Australian wine industry.  

Click here to see media coverage in the local paper – The Sunraysia Daily.

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