Australian Tartaric Products produces all natural products that are made at a state of the art facility that leads the market in renewable energy and cutting emissions.


The tartrate molecule is not altered by the refining process and the same molecule that was present in the grape is extracted and purified into a saleable food grade acid. ATP collects the waste from all their winemaker partners and brings it to their Mildura factory where the process begins.

In 2013 ATP was the winner of the prestigious Lever Award for Innovative Processes for the company’s new Biomass Boiler. The Lever Award is awarded to an innovative process in a medium to large business which employs 21 people or more. 

Click here to see media coverage in the local paper – The Sunraysia Daily.

The Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Program was a merit-based grants program to support Australian manufacturers to maintain competitiveness in a carbon constrained economy. The program provided grants for investments in energy efficient capital equipment and low emission technologies, processes and products.

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